​Hunting Adventures

Here is Black Magic in the side position.

Black Magic

Triple B

This fall bear is called muffin

Note: This big bear named Bully, puts a new meaning to the word BIG!

Humpbacked, blocky head and size and length and age puts him on top of our trail cam pictures of 2016 ''For Now''.

Note: Top of these drums are 50" tall.

These trail cam pics were taken on May 1st, 2016.

This is a bear from our trail cam picture from 2016 on April 25th, 2016, simple way to describe this bear is "BIG". Bear's name is Bumblebee which is a true giant.

Note: Top of these barrels are 5ft tall.

This new bear started coming at our bait on May 17th 2016. This bear has a pelt that hunters would die for! Not only that his pelt is exceptional but he is also very large bear in body size. So far this would be the number one bear for best pelt. We named him Black Magic.

This is a fall bear called Big Mac!

Randy Bourrier with his record book bear shot June 3rd with Bear Master Outfitters! Check out video of this hunt below.

Bumblebee during the rut

 During the rut with a sow this is another big bear that moved I during the rut, he is named Kit Kat. He is big and would score very high.

This beautiful big bear we named VMax because of the V shaped mark on his head.

This bears name is Kit Kat

 Alex and Spencer very first archery bear hunt of fall 2016 with Bear Master Outfitters

JT's first bear hunt, shoots this beautiful late fall black bear!

Wolfmaster likes to visit our bait. In Manitoba, wolves can be hunted under the authority of a big game hunting license during the open season with an unused bear tag.

Bear Master Outfitters