Bear Master Outfitters

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Note: 500$ deposit required for booking a hunt!

​Deposit can be sent too Bear Master Outfitters, Box 77 La Broquerie, MB, Canada, ROA OWO

       6 DAY HUNTS-

2500$ USD Single Adult License and Allocation fee included

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Hunting over multiple active baits with two man ladder stands and ground blinds (Notice in advance). Game handling (Skinning/quartering meat) Using 4x4 ATV, UTV and Argo to travel to/from bait. I guide per two hunters.

​At the end of 2015 bear hunting season this is a picture of a bear named ''King Kong'' which was active at the bait and was still alive and never hunted yet.

Note: To hunt in Manitoba, we must carry proof of a hunter safety course. If you don't have a hunter safety course, you can get one from your state or, if you lawfully held a hunting licnse before January 1st, 1975, you are eligible to receive a hunter education certificate without having to take a hunter education course. Simply fill the form, send it out to the address pasted in the form, and you shal receive a card at no additional cost.

​Rifle, Bow or black powder

​Hunting supplies such as, Camouflage, Boots, Appropriate clothing etc. (Phone for complete list)

For more info phone, 1-204-371-7703

Lodging available in Woodridge, Manitoba. 

Note: Hunting package does not include lodging or food.

Note: License and allocation fee included in Prices for 2019-2021 

Canada Border Crossing Service


​Hunters to Bring

2000$ USD Youth hunts Ages 12-17 License Allocation fee included

Here's a couple of pictures of spring of 2015 at the end of the season, still alive of an old big bear named Old Timer.

DUI may prevent travel to Canada.

For free consultation phone, Toll Free 1-800-438-7020

Bear Master Outfitters can make reservations at the Vintage Lodge for you.

+ 5% GST Tax

​Hunting Adventures