Bear Master Outfitters

+ 5% GST Tax

Note: To hunt in Manitoba, we must carry proof of a hunter safety course. If you don't have a hunter safety course, you can get one from your state or, if you lawfully held a hunting licnse before January 1st, 1975, you are eligible to receive a hunter education certificate without having to take a hunter education course. Simply fill the form, send it out to the address pasted in the form, and you shal receive a card at no additional cost.

​Rifle, Bow or black powder

​Hunting supplies such as, Camouflage, Boots, Appropriate clothing etc. (Phone for complete list)

Canada Border Crossing Service


 1500$ USD Youth hunts Ages 12-17

+ 5% GST Tax


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Lodging available in Woodridge, Manitoba. 

Now taking bookings for 2020

​spring and fall bear hunts.

DUI may prevent travel to Canada.

For free consultation phone, Toll Free 1-800-438-7020

Bear Master Outfitters can make reservations at the Vintage Lodge for you.

​Plus bear license and allocation fee are extra. Hunting over multiple active baits with two man ladder stands and ground blinds (Notice in advance). Game handling (Skinning/quartering meat) Using 4x4 ATV, UTV and Argo to travel to/from bait. I guide per two hunters.

​At the end of 2015 bear hunting season this is a picture of a bear named ''King Kong'' which was active at the bait and was still alive and never hunted yet.

Note: Hunting package does not include lodging or food.

​Hunters to Bring

Here's a couple of pictures of spring of 2015 at the end of the season, still alive of an old big bear named Old Timer.

​Hunting Adventures

       6 DAY HUNTS-

$2000 USD Single Adult

For more info phone, 1-204-371-7703