Bear Master Outfitters bait called ''The Zoo''

Shawn (Hunter), Randy Bourrier (Guide), Albert Bourrier (Owner and Guide) of Bear Master Outfitters

Only 35 miles north of the U.S border!

Pam 2017

This big boy found our bait at the end of the fall season, we named him Heart Attack. Estimated to be over 600lbs. We will be looking for him in the spring!

Record Book bear shot June 3rd 2016. Shot by Randy Bourrier, official score, 19  8/16 PY.

Allen 2017

Deisha's record book bear!

Ian 2017

​Bear Master has approximately 400 miles of exclusive hunting area from Sandilands to Whitemouth lake. It has swampy/boreal forest mix surrounding the St. Labre bog. Lots of beaver dams, creeks, very few roads all the way to northern angle Ontario border. In St. Labre a few farmers fields make it ideal for giant trophy bears.

Bob's first bear!

Joe, Edwin and Ryan 2017

Bear Master Outfitters

Woodridge Manitoba!

Shawn 2017

​The best location for the ultimate experience

Larry 2017

Nancy shoots record book bear with crossbow!

Pam and Ed 2017

This is a new bait setup for Bear Master Outfitters this fall. We call this one Bear Buffet!

Randy's record book bear video, scored 19 and 8/16

First Bear ever, 343lbs Pope and Young bear shot with Bear Master Outfitters, guided by Randy Bourrier.

Josey takes his first bear!

Albert Bourrier shooting a trophy bear named Captain Black!

Bill gets a wolf and a bear!

Bear Master Outfitters Manitoba Black Bear Hunts​​

Albert Bourrier, owner of Bear Master Outfitters videotapes Rick Wiens shooting a 500lbs spring bear!

Shawn's 492.5lbs spring record book bear.

Upcoming video of this hunt will be posted at the end of July. And official score of this giant.

Check out Daisha's hunt below!

 Alex and Spencer very first archery bear hunt of fall 2016 with Bear Master Outfitters

​Hunting Adventures

Check out all our videos below!

Jason 2017